Mission Statement.

We provide LED products with our professional knowledge, solving customers’ problems about LED in their application, offering great price to make customers’ products more competitive, and most importantly, creating great partnership with customers who need a hand in LED field.

Why Victory

Product Variety

Victory Electronics(威力光電) provides a wide range of LED components, not only visible ones but infrared and sensors that detect light in different wavelengths.

In the aspect of visible LED, we are not limited to standard 3 mm (T-1), 5 mm (T1-3/4) & surface mount device but individual packaging including miscellaneous design of shapes, and customer configurations for specific applications.

In the aspect of invisible LED, other than the standard 940nm and 850nm Infrared LEDs, we can provide Infrared Sensors such as Infrared Receiver Module, Phototransistor, Photodiode and Interrupter.


Understanding not all customers have a high demand, Victory Electronics(威力光電), unlike many of other suppliers, offers relatively lower quantity of minimum order.

Excellent Service

Victory Electronics(威力光電) values our customers.

Understanding that customers have a choice where they purchase, so we do try to make a difference from other competitors by viewing ourselves as a great partner to our customers, providing professional knowledge of LED, delivering the products promptly, answering questions with our online customer service. We sincerely invite you to join partnership with us!

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